September 7, 2017

Where to recycle in Glen Carbon, IL

After the pool closes for the summer, you need to inspect the winter equipment before it comes out for use. Before switching t-shirts for sweaters, use Variety Storage’s recycling tips. Find the ideal spots to recycle all your belongings and be eco-friendly in Glen Carbon, IL. Our guide will walk you through the best places to donate.

recycle Glen Carbon IL

Save your space and go through anything coming out of storage and going in. Locate toys collecting dust and clothing from past seasons, there are organizations nearby in need of these items before winter arrives. Take back your space and benefit your community by recycling.

The car needs a little maintenance before the big winter storms hit. Switch the oil and tires out for new, then talk with your auto shops in the area for convenient disposal ideas. You may even be able to drop them off at your next inspection.

While you rake the leaves and give the bushes one last pruning, consolidate your yard waste in recyclable bags. Many recycling centers offer drop off times for yard waste. Call you municipality office for specific details for your area.

Along with the pencils, binders and rulers, kids need a lot of tools for the start of school. Why not donate your office supplies you do not need? Make room on the shelves for new material by giving away books already read or supplies not in use.

Storage at Variety Storage is convenient and secure. After the summer fun is done organize all your items and recycle. There are many organizations preparing for cooler weather and you can help them build their inventory. While you carve your pumpkin this fall, rest easy knowing you gave back to your community and saved space at the same time. We are here when you need large or small storage options in Glen Carbon, IL. Reserve your unit today!

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