March 9, 2018

Packing for storage, all you need to know

What do you need to know before storing? The storage packing tips Variety Storage has are sure to lead you to a successful and less complicated storing experience. You may need storage while you sell your home or tackle a home renovation, with our suggestions you are ready. Keep this list handy, since spring is right around the corner your plans may involve the need to for storage and we can make it easy.

Let us handle your need for a safe location to store your belongings this spring. While many may be swapping house and other may just need a location to keep your gardening tools accessible, Variety Storage will help!

  • Glen Carbon IL storage packing tipsGet the basic supplies as well as a few specialty tools. Boxes and tape are at the top of the list but also find a hanging rack and a few covers.
  • After cleaning everything the last thing you want is dust, so put a tarp over cloth material and seal containers.
  • You can fold your clothes but you run a risk of wrinkles. A solution to this is a hanging rack.
  • Avoid stuffing boxes to their breaking point. They will be hard to carry and may not keep everything safe.
  • Moisture can come from the ground when the temperature changes, put pallets down to keep air flow consistent.
  • Create a path through boxes with the help of shelves.
  • Labels will help keep everything straight. Next season when you need to put things back you know what is in each box.
  • When storing appliances be sure there is no water or ice in them. Defrosting will stop from water damages in your unit.

When you need a storage unit for winter clothes or you want to start the packing process before your home sells, Variety Storage has the answers.

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