September 1, 2018

What You Need To Know For RV Storage

Winter is approaching fast, if you are worried about getting your RV ready for storage, look no further. Not only does Variety Storage offer Glen Carbon IL RV storage, but you can charge your RV and clean your RV right at the facility. Our indoor RV and vehicle storage keeps your summer vehicles safe from the feet of snow coming our way. While the snow blows and the temperatures drop, worrying about your spare vehicle is a thing of the past.

Find RV storage tips to use before storing below. Stop in to talk with us about storing the rest of your gear in a large temperature controlled storage unit or drive up storage space.

RV Storage: Tips for a successful winter storage

Glen Carbon IL RV Storage

  • Storing your boat or RV require you to check tire pressure. On your trailer and RV look for the maximum pressure for tires on the side and fill accordingly.
  • Placing steal wool or a piece of cloth in the tailpipe will keep animals from getting inside. We do take pest preventative methods around our property, this step is an extra layer of pest protection.
  • Fresh fluids will keep your RV storage ready as well as road ready in the spring.
  • Ready to close up your RV? Take the battery out before leaving your RV or vehicle for an extended period.
  • Find a cover and two wheel chocks for your RV. The cover will protect from any blowing snow and wheel chocks are used so the parking brake does not have to.

Looking for covered RV parking and a safe location to store your summer gear? Our Glen Carbon IL RV storage spaces provide the RV storage solution you need. We have propane tanks on site, an RV dump station as well as wash station. We give you everything you need when it comes time to store your summer vehicles.

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